LUSH LED Vegetator 2X (SPO ONLY)

LUSH LED Vegetator 2X (SPO ONLY)
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  • Item #: Vegetator 2X
Fueling vegetative growth with light is easy when compared to flowering plants. But, not all light sources work the same. What is it in sunlight that makes plants grow faster? It’s not the amount of light; that only allows plants to grow larger. Speed comes from an increase in voltage from light; highly energetic UV photons. If you want your plants to grow as if they’re outdoors, Lush Lighting’s products are the only ones that provide the right amount of 3.0 electron volt photons! 150 High Intensity 3 watt LED's!
330 watts, about 1/3 the power of MH!
2.5/1.2 amps 120/240 Volts
14.2 lbs
Width 11 ¾”
Length 19 ½”
Height3 ½”
Max coverage over 5’ x 5’ area.
Intense coverage over 4’ x 4’ area.
Mounting hardware included.
Tempered steel construction, built to last.
90 day money back guarantee.
3 Year manufacture warranty.
Vegetation stage only LED grow light.
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Price $949.99